The River’s Annual Fall Challenge

Each fall at The River, we set aside 4 weeks (or 1 month) for a communal experience of intensive spiritual practice and growth. We call it our Fall Challenge and this year our theme is Seeking Renewal. We know 2020 has already been filled with challenges... so who needs another challenge?! Well, we believe there is actually no better, no more essential time than now for us to gather together to seek God in a focused way. We need a fresh experience of God in our lives and in our world. 

This year the invitation is to open ourselves to God for personal and public renewal. 

What does this look like, practically?

  1.  Daily Scripture reading + Prayer Walk 

    We encourage you to use the tool of scripture meditation with the daily passages. Read or listen to the passage a couple of times.

    Go at a pace slow enough to listen closely to both the words of the text and to your inner response to them. Then use the simple questions offered below as a guide for reflection and to launch you into your prayer walk.

    A prayer walk really is “just” praying while walking, but being out in your neighborhood or elsewhere in the community invites the Spirit of God to let your physical sense of the needs around you intermingle and guide your prayer.

    While our goal is not in-depth scripture study in this practice, there are times when our confusion over the context or intended meaning of a text inhibits our ability to engage with it meditatively. One helpful online resource for those moments that we recommend is the IVP New Testament Commentary Series available for free.

  2. Participate in communal experiences of seeking renewal

    Join in some of the opportunities we've planned throughout the month to seek renewal corporately, most notably through weekly worship and prayer gatherings and opportunities to approach November's vote in a thoughtful and prepared way.
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You can also download this printable PDF calendar containing the daily scripture references and opportunities

Conversation with a Challenge Coach
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For your Daily Scripture Meditation...


  • As you read the gospel text today, what is most striking about Jesus?
    - What’s wonderful?
    - What’s confusing or even troubling?

  • Given what you see about Jesus, invite the Holy Spirit to give you insight about how to pray for renewal in either or both your personal and public world.
    - What in your personal world does Jesus want to renew?
    - What in your public world does Jesus want to renew?

  • Is there any risk of faith that Jesus is prompting you to take today?

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