This Fall at The River, we are engaging in a 30-Day Prayer Journalling Challenge with the aim of rooting more deeply in our truest identity, the one God speaks over us. Our hope is to experience the stability and confidence that come from being rooted in God’s picture of us so that we are free to live each day from that settled and sure place.

Plan to set aside about 15-20 minutes a day for this Challenge.

Begin by finding as quiet and distraction-free a place as possible to be. It will likely be helpful to aim for a similar time and place to pray and reflect daily (knowing that real life will always require flexibility and creativity).

Take 2-3 deep cleansing breaths to help settle yourself in this particular place and time.

Step 1 - Prayer

Begin with a short prayer that reminds you that you’re listening to the voice of God as you hold these short sentences in your mind and heart. This is God’s voice over your life. Invite God to help the words go deep in your soul and have their intended effect.

Lord, thank you for your voice over my life, the voice that speaks my truest identity. Help me to hear these words again today freshly from you.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. This way you will be less tempted to be checking the clock again and again! You can also use the 5 minute audio file associated with each week.

Week 1 : "You are the beloved and chosen of God" [listen to audio file]

Week 2: "You are my beloved son/my beloved daughter." [listen to audio file - son version or daughter version]

Week 3: "You are not alone. I am always with you." [listen to audio file]

Week 4: "I have called you by name...You are mine." [listen to audio file]

For the next 5 minutes, in this space of prayer, put the words of God that we’re using for this week before you. Practically, slowly repeat them. Imagine them from the very voice of God to you. Hold the words in your mind and heart. It may help to imagine the roots of the tree that is your life going down deep into them.

Note: Expect to be distracted! It’s not called a Challenge because it’s easy! Be gentle with yourself when you realize your mind has run off to other things. Just take another deep breath, and start again. Avoid the temptation to give up. You can do anything for 5 minutes. :) Stay focused on your desired outcome.


Step 2 - Journaling

When you’ve finished soaking/rooting in God’s voice of identity over your life, take 10-15 minutes to journal your immediate thoughts, feelings, and responses to God…

Some categories and questions that might help you start:

  1. Thanksgiving
    1. As you hear this word of identity over your life, what are you thankful for...about God, about how God sees you, about how this word affects you/why it matters to you.
  2. Asking God for help
    1. Perhaps it’s hard to really believe and receive this word as true about you. Write about what’s hard and where you struggle to believe. Ask God to keep breaking through and rooting this identity deeply in you.
    2. Perhaps today distractions were more your experience than the rooting prayer. Write about what’s on your mind, and ask God for whatever you need in those things.

  3. Pray for someone else who might need to know this voice of God in their life.
    1. As we ask God to deepen our own sense of identity, we remain open with care for the people around us who also need to hear this word of love and hope from God. Name the people that come to mind and write your prayer for them.

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