Finding Me


Posted by Molly Meyer on

  Cheerleader. Fun. Engineer. Although seemingly contradictory, these are some of the labels I was known by during my younger years. Each label has positive associations for me — and also negative. When I found Christ in 2000, I felt like I needed to strip myself of those labels...

Learning to Rely on Small Group


Posted by Bill Wagner on

  When I arrived at the River back in 2013, God had a plan when I entered my small group —my wife’s small group— assigned based on marriage, not by choice. This belief kept me “one foot out” of the group, finding it very easy to skip the rhythm of our...

My Husband’s Abuelita


Posted by Mary Chong Carrera on

  I found out this week that Jesús’ grandmother is visiting in Chicago from México and my heart jumped with excitement. I wanted to see her right away. After a quick mental calendar check, I realized with marked disappointment that we would not be able to travel to see...