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Frosty Meadow

Posted by Benji Tittle on


Copyright: Benji Tittle, K1 Photography

My 40th birthday present was an amazing landscape photography seminar in Yosemite. Two pro photographers taught us how to set up a good shot and took our group to pre-scouted locations at perfect times. It all paid off with beautiful images of iconic vistas.

On our last day, a serendipitous scene interrupted our schedule. The cold, wet night had formed ice crystals on wild meadow grass, and as the rising sun quickly warmed the air, frost began vaporizing into a thick blanket of mist.

After days spent focused on natural beauty, we recognized a fleeting photographic opportunity and begged for a stop. We grabbed our gear, sprinted towards the edge of the meadow, and set up to hunt for subjects in the eerie landscape. Before the mist burned off, I’d captured my most unusual image of the trip.

Children naturally wonder at the beauty of God’s creation around them. Why do we become so oblivious as adults? I love the way photography retrains me to see beauty in unexpected places. Slowing down to focus my camera on something beautiful also works to rebuild the sense of gratitude that trials and loss work to erode.


Benji has been at The River since 2000, and on the River Worship Team since 2001. Husband to Danielle and daddy to Katy and Sammy, Benji enjoys photography as a hobby, and also does paid & volunteer portrait and event shoots, including for various River events.



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