Maker Camp @ Home 2020

Since we had to cancel traditional Maker Camp this year, we are experimenting with a mobilized model of outreach for River families and friends. 

What? A re-imagined Maker Camp experience. 5 thematic projects to help kids learn about Jesus while having hands-on fun. And The River is covering the cost of materials, so it's free! 

Who? River families with their friends and neighbors. Each group should have no more than 8 kids. The projects are designed for elementary ages, but you can adjust them as needed. 

When? Any dates you choose! 5 different sessions that are each about an hour long. (Supplies can be picked up from The River office on Thursdays, by appointment.) 

Where? Your backyard, or patio, or a local park. 

Why? We want to share the love of Jesus with children and families in our community. We hope that our neighbors (literal or figurative!) will learn to identify "the church" as not mainly a building but as a people - a people who trust and follow Jesus not just on Sunday, but every day of the week. 

How? We give you supplies and instructions (written and video), you lead your kids, friends, and neighbors. For health reasons, keep the group size small, stay outside and spread out, wear masks and wash hands a lot.


  1. See all program details in the Overview for Leaders.
  2. Determine who you will invite and what dates you will host.
  3. Once you know how many kids, sign up using this Google form. You can also use the form to request leader supplies. 
  4. Maker Kits (1 per kid) are available for pick up on Thursdays. Contact to arrange a time. 


Session 1: “I am the good shepherd”

Session 1 Leader Guide

Science video - Magnets and Wool 

Instructional video - Sheep Magnets 

Session 2: “I am the light of the world”

Session 2 Leader Guide

Science video - Circuits

Instructional video - LED Circuit Card 

Session 3: “I am the bread of life” 

Session 3 Leader Guide

Science videos - Baking and Yeast 

Instructional video - Bread-in-a-bag

Session 4: “I am the way, the truth, and the life” 

Session 4 Leader Guide

Science video - Physics

Instructional video - Marble Maze

Session 5: “I am the true vine”

Session 5 Leader Guide 

Science video - Germination 

Instructional video - Kumihimo