Small Groups

At The River, we desire for people to be connected with others. Connected in ways that help us feel known and supported in life.  And connected in ways (learning, prayer, serving, worship) that spark ongoing growth in God.  That is community to us.  Structurally, we offer three primary ways to get involved in such a community.

  • Semester Groups are the starting place for most.  Semester groups are short term groups focussed on a single topic.  They are a great place to meet others and learn together.  We hope for them to be settings that form connections which might be the seeds of new ongoing small groups or table groups.
  • Ongoing Small Groups are not time bound (like Semester Groups) and tend to be bigger (8-16 people) allowing for more possibilities than Table Groups. More people usually means more and more diverse activity together as everyone offers their piece into the community life.  For help starting or connecting with an ongoing small group at The River, please e-mail Michelle Manley, Pastor of Adult Spiritual Formation and Small Groups, at .
  • River Table Groups are designed to create an intimate relational and spiritual environment with a minimum of organizational energy. Centering around simple shared practices and an inter-generational table fellowship, River Table Groups are meant to create an inclusive spiritual formation rhythm for everyone.   If you have children, River Table Groups may be for you—they create room for children to participate and to play alongside…perhaps without outside supervision (depending on ages and temperaments). Given their intimacy, River Table Groups are agile—allowing each River Table Group to attend a semester group each year for connection with others and the wider church body.

    To give you a window into what a Table Group format might look like, check this out. For more information, email Michelle Manley at