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Dec 01, 2019

Prince of Shalom: The Posture of Shalom

Speaker: Brad Wong

Series: Prince of Shalom

This week is the First Sunday of Advent. The recording includes a time of musical reflection and a practice called Praying in Color. The link to the drawing template can be found here. Instructions below (and also in the audio recording):

Advent invites us to live with active hope, Jesus-shaped hope for people and situations around us that may otherwise feel hopeless. This daily drawing template can be a tool, focusing you in seeking God in hope in both a prayerful and playful way.

Choose a regular, daily time for this practice. It’s probably simplest to tie it to a meal or to bedtime, something you know you will otherwise be doing everyday! Families and households are encouraged to do this together!

In the day’s space on the template, write the name of a person, an organization, or a situation for whom you want to pray with hope... and then doodle around the word(s) as you hold that person/group/situation in mind and heart before God. Experiment with prayer being not only verbal but visual. Each stroke of color can be offered as a wordless prayer and as a way to focus your attention toward God in hope. If words come to you along the way, pray with words too. And, when you are done, you can close with a simple “Amen.”

Alternately -- or for days when no specific situation comes to mind -- you can doodle as you meditatively pray repeatedly this simple Breath Prayer (prayed along with the rhythm of your breath): “Prince of Shalom, bring your peace…”

Drawing skills are not required for this practice! You are not attempting to produce a great work of art! You are offering the small amount of time it takes to fill a space with doodles and color in hope for the Prince of Shalom to bring true peace to areas of need and brokenness... and you are letting the practice shape your soul in the process.