Semester groups

Semester based small groups are short term groups that enable people to intensively focus on a single topic of growth while experiencing the spiritual dynamics of small group life. 

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Taste of Small Groups

Sundays, October 8 - November 19 | 9 - 10:30 AM
People experience various barriers in making the step from Sunday morning church participation to a more intimate community circle of belonging and growth. Sometimes there’s general inertia. Sometimes the idea of moving from an anonymous space to the personal dynamic of being in someone’s living room just feels like too big a leap. It's also true that many River members currently find themselves between small groups, looking for a new community to call home. Taste of Small Groups is meant to help you, whatever your experience with small groups, to connect with other River members in close community. Join us for 7 weeks of small groups done in a medium-sized group - a space to taste for the first time or as a returning participant what small groups at The River are like. This opportunity will be equally welcoming for those who have never been in a River small group and for those who are looking for a new small group community, and our hope is that ongoing small groups will launch from this experience. Children are welcome to be in Kid’s Community during this time to free their parents to participate. This semester group is led by Pastor Michelle Manley.

The Art of Mentoring 

Wednesdays, September 27 - October 11 | 7 PM
Most of us have more resources than we know (or at least than we feel confident in) to encourage growth in others. As a church, we have a need for men and women mentors to come alongside others with compassion and insight from your experience. This training intends to help you recognize what you have to offer as well as to equip you with some practical tools in order to help others develop their skills, maximize their potential, and become the person God’s designed them to be. Specifically, we will focus on defining what you need to know before you start mentoring; active listening skills; and learning to ask the right questions. Please join us for this training and to explore this ministry possibility ongoing, the ministry of mentoring. This semester group is led by Pastor David Alvarez.