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Chris Maitz

Chris Maitz

Board Member

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the youngest of five children. I was a Catholic through grade school, then fell away from the church. I came to know Jesus just before my senior year at college when I traveled to Niagara Falls for a friend’s wedding. We stayed up half the night talking about Jesus – his faith was so real and so tangible that, right there, right then, the Spirit moved within me and it became my faith, too. Through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in my final year in college I found fellowship and was introduced to the Bible, which began my life-long passion for understanding the Scriptures. 

My first job out of college was here in the Bay Area. I have worked in high tech my entire career, as a software engineer, manager, and program manager. I met my wife Kay at a Bible study shortly after moving here. She is my best friend – and creative partner, as we collaborate on projects. We have a son, Matthew, who graduated from college with a Business degree and works at a tech firm here in the Bay Area. 

Kay and I have been attending The River since 2002. At The River we found an intentionality to become like Christ, to live out the Kingdom mandate, embracing the call to spread the Shalom of God in the world. It is a call to hear the heart of God in different ways — through the Word and worship, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, and through the lives and lived experiences of others. I love the humility I find at The River. There is an openness to different ideas and ways of thinking, as well as a courage to confront the thorny issues of our world today and not shrink back. 

After college, my love for reading the Bible continued to grow. The scriptures opened up a part of me I didn’t know I had – it excited my heart. I had always planned to get a Masters in Computer Science, but instead I attended New College Berkeley (part-time for nine years!) for an MA in Biblical Studies. In my time at The River I’ve served as a small group leader and a Sunday morning prayer minister, taught classes on the Bible, given the message a few times on Sunday mornings, and assisted Kay on some of her special projects (a Lenten labyrinth and several Good Friday services, to name a few). In my spare time I enjoy reading, solving crossword puzzles, writing poetry, and – whenever possible – hiking high in the mountains!

I am intrigued by reading the Bible in its context, as a whole – seeing how the individual books and stories fit into the arc of the biblical narrative. The authors who have helped me on this journey are N.T. Wright and Kenneth. E. Bailey. They encourage us to go back to the text, understand what the words meant to the people to whom they were written, in order to more faithfully understand their challenge to us today.