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Dana Huang

Dana Huang

Associate Youth Minister

I am a San Diego native and after marrying my husband, Michael, in February 2015, I became a Bay Area transplant. Growing up I observed many injustices in my community, which served as a catalysis for when I became a Christian in High School. The promise of God’s plan for restoration of relationships, corruption, addiction and peace captivated my heart and is what continually draws me back to Jesus. I was actively part of InterVarsity at UC Davis, where I led the missions team and participated in missions trips to Oakland, Ca and Kolkata, India. I experienced what it looks like to love The Lord radically while in Kolkata, and I love how the River Church Community encourages values of justice, community and prayer.

I love serving with my husband, we also are part of the intercessory prayer group where we learn how to depend on God more wholly. Jesus changed
my life in high school. My prayer is that the youth of today encounter the complete gospel so that their lives are transformed.