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Jorel Atilano

Jorel Atilano

Young Adult Ministry Associate

Jorel joined our staff team in September 2018 as a Young Adult Ministry Associate. Prior to coming to The River, Jorel was on staff with Intervarsity at UC Merced from 2015-2017 with a focus on multi-ethnic ministries.

As a young adult himself, Jorel knows church for his generation of people is a fickle thing and finding places to connect can be difficult especially in the Silicon Valley. He is passionate about his role as our YA Ministry Associate because “There is something really beautiful watching people find places of connection and being able to create spaces where people are able to connect. Being a young adult, there are so many things you're learning, so many formative moments, and so many opportunities to grow and having a place and community to do all that with is important to me.”

Jorel is also passionate about equitable education and finding areas that he can be a voice and an agent of change in public and private educational sectors. He geeks out when he gets to start talking about personality and development (i.e. enneagram, myers briggs, and anything in that realm).