Votober Events

As part of The River's Seeking Renewal Challenge we hope that everyone will approach November's election in a thoughtful and prepared way.  There are a variety of opportunities throughout the month of October which you can learn more about and register for below.

River Voter Forum & Ballot Party

You can watch a replay of this event from Sunday October, 18th 2020 below to get information on various propositions and measures on the ballot and how to evaluate them! 

Question Box Facebook Group

Have questions about the election, your ballot, propositions? Pose them to the River’s Justice and Compassion team on our Question Box facebook group! Also tune in on Monday Evenings for some ‘live video’ responses! If you don’t have facebook, please submit your questions using the question box google form

River Ballot Party Guide

Interested in hosting your own ballot party with your small group, family or friends! Check out this handy guide for hosting a ballot party! 

Faith & Civic Engagement Dinner Conversations

Civic Engagement is a part of our faith, and is important for more than adults! Check out these weekly dinner conversation prompts for the whole family and friend groups!

Week Two

Why do we have a city, state, and federal constitutions?
  • What is the purpose of each one?
  • What gets decided at the local level, state level, and federal level?
  • Is there any overlap?
  • What happens if there is a conflict?

Invite household members to do research to prepare for these conversations.  Kids and youth might ask their teachers or peers.  Youth and older kids might focus on local vs. state and younger kids might focus on state vs. federal.

Week One
18+ : Share about the first time you voted.
  • Why did you vote then?
  • How did you decide who to vote for?
  • What did you enjoy?
  • Anything that surprised you?
  • What did you/will you do differently the next time you vote(d)?
Under 18: If you could vote, would you choose to? Why or why not?
  • When do you plan on voting?
  • How will you decide who and what to vote for?
  • What excites you about voting?
  • What anxieties do you have about voting?
  • How might you advocate for change in other ways prior to becoming voting age?

Ballot Drop Offs

Do you need help dropping off your ballot at a secure drop box, polling place, or vote center?! Would you need help getting to a polling place or vote center?! Our multilingual team is standing by for Ballot drop offs each Saturday!

Saturdays 9am-12pm in October 2020


¿Necesita ayuda entregando su boleta en un centro electoral o una caja segura? ¿Necesita ayuda llegando a un centro electoral? ¡Nuestro grupo plurilingüe esta a sus órdenes!

Estaremos recolectando y entregando boletas cada sábado en Octubre, desde las 9 en la mañana hasta mediodía.

Favor de llamarnos para obtener más información: (408)758-0039

Bỏ phiếu:
Qúy vị có cần trợ giúp để bỏ phiếu bầu của mình tại một hộp bỏ phiếu không? Qúy vị có cần trợ giúp đến một trung tâm bỏ phiếu không? Nhóm của chúng tôi sẽ bỏ phiếu vào mỗi Thứ Bảy! Thứ Bảy từ 9 giờ sáng đến 12 giờ tối trong tháng 10 năm 2020