Advent Giving

Each year we invite the church to participate in giving an extra gift during the season of Advent to a few of our ministry partners. This year, your generosity will support the following organizations and causes:

GRACE VILLAGE is a ministry of City Team and focuses on bringing healing and hope to women and children in crisis. Over the last two years, The River has sponsored and participated in the restoration of four housing units. This year, we are participating in the next phase of the project - the construction of a 10,000 square foot community center. The purpose of the center is to provide child care, after school tutoring, parenting classes, counseling services, medical and dental care, and more.

PAZ Y ESPERANZA - For nearly 20 years, The River has partnered with Paz y Esperanza and their work defending and promoting justice, particularly promoting the protection of children and adolescents from sexual violence and advocating to improve the justice system to protect them.  In 2006, our church helped purchase a property in Huanuco, Peru to serve as a refuge for young victims.  Paz’s work defending marginalized people and promoting the safety of women and children has now expanded to Ecuador.  

WAR CRISIS - 2022 was a year in which we saw the threatening consequences of war, most notably in the Ukraine and in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. We will focus on aiding those affected by these wars by supporting the Evangelical Covenant Church’s relief efforts in the Ukraine and the ministry of EvaSUE in Ethiopia.

How to Give:

You can give by credit card or through your bank. Select which organization you wish to support in the drop down list.

BY CHECK - Make check out to “The River” and write "Grace Village", "Paz Y Esperanza" or "War Crisis" on the memo line. Drop in an offering cabinet or mail to us at: 670 Lincoln Ave, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95126

Please consider giving over and above your regular tithe.