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What's Next?

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  In my last Estuaries blog, I wrote about preparing for my Senior Professional in Human Resources certification, SPHR. I have since completed the prep class, passed the test, and have a fancy electronic badge. When people ask what it means, I explain that it affirms my competency and...

Oops...I Did It Again!

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  Oops...I Did It Again! Did you know Britney Spears’ first album came out 20 years ago? The media has been filled with lots of nostalgic posts, and it got me thinking... Copyright: jasmeet / Flickr I was a teacher for nineteen years. Before that, I went to school to get a college...

My Lent Experiment

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  Easter has come and gone, and Lent is over. People are back to eating candy, drinking caffeine, and spending time on social media. How’d I do with the whole ‘giving up work’ thing?  I knew cutting back on the number of hours I spent at work was necessary and long...