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Unplug to Recharge

Posted by Kimberly Bass on


At the beginning of the summer, I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me to temporarily delete Instagram and Facebook from my phone and to focus more on God.

I was initially caught off guard by this random tug in my heart. I didn’t think I was addicted to social media. It wasn’t like I was posting much on my Facebook page, and I didn’t have a Twitter or Snapchat account. I posted a bunch on Instagram, but it helped me stay connected to my friends and family who live far away! Surely my heart was in a good place, right?

Only when I didn’t have easy access to social media on my phone did I realize how much time I actually allocated to those accounts on a daily basis.

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During my first few weeks of being unplugged, I was pleasantly surprised to be reacquainted with the feeling of boredom. I didn’t realize how often I turned to my phone to fill gaps in my schedule or how much I relied on social media to entertain me during my downtime.

I soon came to understand a terrible truth of my current reality: I was using social media to fill my heart with satisfaction instead of leaning on God to meet those needs.

Whenever I had a stressful day with the kids, I would turn to my phone to disengage and rest my mind. But my mind never felt at rest as I scrolled through photos and read captions of what other people were up to.

Instead, I was often left with feelings of insecurity or insignificance. My house suddenly felt messier. My home décor, outdated. My wardrobe definitely needed a makeover. And my body! Don’t even get me started on that. 

I wasn’t aware of how much Instagram and Facebook affected my perspective until I stopped scrolling through my feed all summer.

In its place, I spent my days with the kids in our backyard or our friend’s backyard almost daily. I felt a sense of freedom from knowing what others were up to or needing to keep my house in a picture-worthy state.

When I needed to rest my mind, I filled myself with daily devotionals and read from the Bible. And for the first time in a long time, my mind felt at rest. 

I learned that it’s good to unplug from time to time in order to recharge. God revealed so much in my heart that I didn’t know I was wrestling with: I had to stop comparing myself to others because it was robbing my joy. I had to stop proving myself to people because it was unnecessary to do so.

I also had to stop desiring to know what everyone else in the world was up to. Knowing too much wasn’t doing any good for my heart and soul, and I was filling my gaps with all the wrong things.

This past summer, I developed a new sense of gratefulness and a new level of reliance on the Lord to guide me in all my days. 

When summer ended, I ended up reactivating my Instagram and Facebook for ministry purposes. But I’m glad for the few months I spent without social media, for the chance to unplug and recharge.




Kimberly Bass spent eight years working in HR for a couple small tech companies before turning in her notice a year after her son was born. She hasn’t looked back since! Kimberly is still a stay-at-home mom to this day and enjoys being there for her two kids before and after school.

Besides being the human command center in the Bass household, Kimberly sells handmade wreaths on the side as a small business and also leads Epic Legacy, a ministry that provides support for new college grads transitioning from school to the work world, with her husband, Joe. In her spare time (when she chooses to ditch her household chores), Kimberly enjoys reading, camping with her family, and running outdoors.


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