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Wishing Away

Posted by Sarah Colter on


I remember when I was a student, breaks were everything. I remember giving myself countdowns and using other various coping strategies to make it through the semesters of hard work. I’d chant things like, “Three more tests until Thanksgiving break.” I’d feel so good, knocking the number down by one with each test I completed, celebrating internally.

Then, inevitably, the break would come and by the first day of vacation I would already be stressed out about going back to school. During all my years of schooling, this pattern continued. I was dreaming of a better, less stressful life. I had this notion that I could live stress free.

Fast forward to college graduation, the ultimate “break”. Now it makes me chuckle to think that I thought being an adult was a break. When I graduated, I was so relieved that the stressful days I had were finally behind me, and I was beyond grateful that they were.

It turns out, as you probably already know, that being an adult also brings stressors into life. First it was passing my nursing licensure exam, then it was finding a job, and then it was learning that job. I soon fell back into the same routine I had in school that I thought I had left behind. I was counting down the days until vacation, or hoping to whiz through a particularly stressful week. It was just wishing life away.

There came a moment, when I was sad to have a day off because it meant one more day closer to returning to work, that I realized that this is not the life God intended for me. He created me for a purpose and it sure wasn’t to lie in bed and wish my life away because I was stressed out or afraid of life’s problems.

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I was wishing not only a day away, but an entire week away from my life. That’s when I felt God tell me to slow down and do something I like to do. So I went into the kitchen and made myself a gourmet cup of coffee to enjoy the morning with. I didn’t do anything; I just sat with the cup of coffee to simply enjoy the morning. I slowed down, appreciated the creations and wonders around me. I was calm for once, not thinking ahead to how I was going to be stressed. I sat there for about 30 minutes—realizing that God was just wanting me to relax. He was teaching me to not rush through life and to appreciate all things He had given me.

Life is always going to be hard. There are going to be ups and downs, trials, and tribulations. In fact, God has promised there will be hard and stressful times. However, with a morning off and a cup of coffee, he showed me that sometimes I need to just sit and enjoy him and not worry about the future, even if it’s just for a few minutes.



Sarah has been going to The River since July 2018. Her husband, Eric, and she moved to the Bay Area in July 2017. As a new(ish) resident to the area, she loves to explore. She works as a nurse in a local hospital. When not working or socializing, you can find her curled up with her cat, Maggie.


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