Kids' Community COVID-19 Resources

During this unique season of being the church, The River Kids' Community team is here for you! Please email us at  if there are specific ways we can help serve you and your family during this time of social distancing.

We are sending out a weekly newsletter, which includes a weekly story, craft, and worship video.  The newsletter, and our Facebook group, are the best ways to get the latest resources and updates from Kids' Community and The River. (Newsletter archive | Talking to kids about coronavirus)

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Below are resources to support you in doing "church at home" during this season.


Kids' Community Video Playlist

Read Alouds for Toddler/Preschool

How to use these

Every week we post a new video to the Kids' Community Playlist (part of The River's YouTube channel). Many families have enjoyed watching these videos together before or after the livestream worship service. We recommend setting aside 20-30 minutes to get comfortable, watch with your kids, and take a few minutes to "wonder" about the story together (question prompts available in newsletter).  After the story, in our KC classrooms the kids have time to respond to the story through art, simple building toys, journaling, etc. Your kids may enjoy doing this while you watch the livestream, or you can join them in a time of creative reflection. We typically close by "feasting" together with a snack, modeling how the Christian community breaks bread together.

There is also an opportunity to see a live presentation of this story on ZOOM on Sunday mornings at 10am. There are breakout groups to engage in the wondering time and prayer, as well as an optional craft time to support your kids in their "wondering" time.  ZOOM link and more information in the weekly newsletter.

If you have a 4th and 5th grader, there is a recommended story from the Bible Project, and discussion questions, in the newsletter each week.

Godly Play at Home

Would you like to try Godly Play at home? It's easier than you think! We have created resources for you to be able to tell  a couple different stories with your kids.   

The Faces of Easter (usually told throughout Lent)

Knowing Jesus in a New Way (usually told between Easter and Pentecost)

Storytelling at home can be used instead of or in addition to the video we will send each week - whatever works for your family. Even if you don't feel like attempting a full Godly Play session at home, your kids may enjoy coloring and telling the story to you!

Recommended Websites

LifeTree Kids Worship Videoes

Free videos about the Bible - we use this in our 4th/5th grade class, but the videos are perfect for youth and adults, too.


Timely articles, podcasts, and app with practical, spiritually-minded parenting advice. 

A midwest church that has some good resources. Check out the videos in the "God Story" series, music to sing & dance (can also find on Youtube). 

Bible verses you can download as coloring sheets, screen savers, and more. 

Beautiful coloring pages, some available for free through a weekly email. The River has also purchased many of their resources and we will be distributing to families through our newsletter. 


Beatitudes Coloring Sheet
Butterfly Blitz 
Make your own labyrinth
Make your own garden (of Gethsemane)
Alleluia Poster