Resources on Mission

On Mission with Jesus Resources

Books and Podcasts in descending order of challenge. Baby steps are listed first.

  1. Michael Frost, Surprise the World: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People
    Bless others, Eat together,  Listen to the Spirit, Learn Jesus’ ways, and live Sent by God into the world. These practices are simple and transformative when they are baked into our weekly rhythms of life. Great book for families and small groups. Short & practical.

  2. Caesar Kalinowski, Everyday Disciple Podcast and blog
    Caesar is a practical thought leader in the missional movement in the USA. His podcast is aimed at “normal” people who long to live on mission. His latest episode is on how to avoid misunderstandings and dumb conflicts with people who think differently than you. Great for families and small groups.

  3. Doug Pollock. GodSpace: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally
    A great little primer on how to break out of the rut of never talking about Jesus and start having have spiritual conversations with those around us.

  4. Hugh Halter. The Tangible Kingdom
    Hugh shares frank stories about learning to do church, be church in the messiness of the world. Lots of great ideas for busting out of your comfort zone.

  5. Langton Gilkey. Shantung Compound
    A memoir and reflections on life in a Japanese internment camp. Looks at  human nature under pressure and how both authentic and inauthentic Christian lives manifest themselves under difficult circumstances.

  6. Jemar Tisby, How to Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice (2021)
    Hot off the press, Tisby is practical about friendships, work, small groups, and neighborhoods. If you feel stuck in analysis or fear of making mistakes in the mission of Kingdom justice, Tisby will help big-time with steps of love and hope.

Bust-out Ideas


  1. Contact Gary Claassen from to find out how to host/befriend international students who are stranded in the US due to the pandemic.
    , 408-757-5577

  2. Connect to your local school and coach a struggling student on-line

  3. Volunteer with SourceWise Community Resource Solutions or Heart of the Valley (408-241-1571) to deliver meals or make weekly calls to homebound seniors

  4. Connect with the folks at Shalom Iglesia, asking if they have volunteer opportunities delivering food or helping neighbors learn English

  5. Volunteer with the International Rescue Committee in San Jose, helping refugees with a variety of needs 

Take up a new/old hobby to get to know new people (hiking, tennis, cycling, on-line book club, writing class) Pray for opportunities to forge deeper friendships.

As the weather allows, frequent a local cafe/coffee shop and intentionally get to know the staff.  Have at least one “quiet time”/week on the patio of this store, become a “local” who cares about what happens in that store.