LENT 2024

Our Communal Core Practices this Lent will be Fasting & Reflective Prayer

Fasting - We will engage in three fasts (each lasting about 2 weeks).

Fasting from meat and/or eating out from 2/14 - 3/2

Most of us are people of relative privilege in the world. We fast from meat and/or the ease of dining out in solidarity with those who do not have these options and in recognition that our choices impact others even when we don’t see it. We also test our ability to be satisfied in God more deeply.

Fasting from media and/or consumption from 3/4 - 3/16

We are people often tempted to pad our lives with entertainment or things, both of which typically wear out quickly.  We refrain from media or anything we could consider “extraneous purchasing” as a way to discipline that reflex and to live more fully in our actual lives.

Fasting from sweets and/or alcohol from 3/18 - 3/30

We are abstaining from things that we may go to reflexively for comfort and temporary delight. In moderation neither of these things are harmful, and they can be celebratory.  And yet…  they do get misused in our lives, so we do without them to hear the desires of our hearts more clearly and to recalibrate where our deepest satisfaction and delight lies.

We will break our fasts collectively on these 3 Sundays: March 3, 17,  and 31 (Easter)

Reflective Prayer

In this season of searching our hearts, we encourage a daily practice of reflective prayer using the guidance of the Reimagining the Examen app (There is also a book for those who prefer that mode).

The Examen is an ancient prayer of the church that invites reflection with God through the day and a look at our responses to the circumstances we encountered. Reimagining the Examen provides slightly different takes on that reflection each day that both keep it fresh and invite us to see ourselves and God more fully through those multiple lenses.

For additional resources, text LENT2024 to 408-789-8755 to receive periodic texts to encourage you on the journey!

And don't forget to join us for Easter and our other Holy Week Events!

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