Called to Care


Our hope is that as a community we are able to share and meet one another's needs.  We encourage families and individuals in need to first make their needs made known to their small group community or if not in a small group, then to those River participants that they are connected with. The Benevolence Fund exists to help River participants with their needs that exceed the resources of a small group community, as an expression of the care of the larger River community as a whole.  Financial assistance is typically meant to cover an individual/family's urgent basic needs, such as, housing costs, utilities, transportation, food, child care, medical expenses, and necessary repairs, and typically provided as a one-time gift.  We understand that each situation may be unique and that there may be longer-term needs that arise out of the current situation.  

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Please complete the application and email to

Someone on The River's Benevolence Team will contact you and discuss your situation and need and will discuss next steps.

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