Young Adults

Be a part of our vibrant young adults community at The River! Who are the "young adults"? At The River, we basically use the term "young adult" to refer to those in our community in their 20s & 30s - single or married, in school and in the working world.

We currently have small groups for young adults that meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at various locations in the South Bay and Peninsula. The best way to figure out which group is best for you would be to come on a Sunday morning and introduce yourself to us. Most people are invited to a group in a rather organic process - you meet some people, you grab lunch together, you decide you like them enough to meet again, you start attending a young adults group. If that process doesn't work for you, you can also email our Associate Minister Wes Flach at . He would be happy to let you know about the various groups and find the right fit for you.

New for Ministry Year 2017-18:

We are hosting three medium sized gatherings - these will be places to connect with other young adults and build a deeper sense of community. We will eat dinner together, and each gathering will be centered around a topic that actually matters to us. Check out our Events page for the next Young Adults Gathering.