Ministry Operations Associate

Deborah Woo-Miller

Deborah has been attending The River since May 2014 and joined our staff team in September 2016 as our Children's Ministry Assistant. As Deborah became more integrated into the staff team, we identified many areas where her interests and passions met the needs of the broader team and organization. In her current capacity as the Ministry Operations Associate, Deborah is able to direct her love for people, systems, and processes towards the shifting needs of our church and team. If you've participated in a River event outside of Sunday morning services, odds are Deborah had a hand in helping make that happen!

Deborah loves seeing people find places of connection and belonging within our church community, and helps coordinate our small groups, River 101 Class, and Partnership (membership) process.

In her free time, Deborah enjoys trying out new recipes, hiking, and playing games with her husband Chris.

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