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    Youth MINISTRY

What are GOD PODS?

A group of 5-8 High Schoolers exploring an area of faith with each other and with a caring adult. 

Why participate in GOD PODS?

  1. To engage with faith in new and relevant ways.
  2. To meet new adults and form intergenerational bonds. 
  3. To integrate holistically into the life of the church.

When do GOD PODS happen?

Sunday mornings from 11:00am-12:30pm

How do I join?

High Schoolers can sign up to join a GOD POD for a 3-week cycle. After the 3-weeks they will attend regular Sunday Service together for 1-week. Then they will join a new GOD POD for the next 3-week cycle. There will be various GOD POD offerings at each cycle. Follow the River Youth Instagram and subscribe to the River Youth Newsletter for links to sign up. 

Example GOD PODS

  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Faith In Transit 
  • Serving in Kids Community
  • Art and Justice 
  • Faith in an Anxious World
  • Prayer, Photography, and Poetry 

How did we get the name, GOD PODS?

On September 17th 2023, River Youth High Schoolers brainstormed and voted to call this small group program GOD PODs. It won out against runner-up - “Action Faction”- and honorable mention - “Learning Legion".

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