Board Member

Grant Jenks

Born into a family that attended church only on special occasions, my faith journey truly began when my mother introduced us to Los Altos United Methodist Church during my childhood. I was soon enveloped in a world of music and youth ministry, which became pillars of my faith foundation during my middle and high school years. The warmth, love, and intellectual faith stimulation I received then played a pivotal role in shaping my spiritual perspectives.

My college years at UCLA were transformative. Engaging with the Intervarsity group there, I grappled with the profound concepts of identity and personal integrity. Deeply influenced by bible studies and prayer seminars, I matured in faith and forged strong bonds, eventually stepping up as a leader in the fellowship. Concurrently, my Sundays were enriched by attending a local nondenominational church that added depth to my spiritual experiences.

Post-college, my faith journey led me to the Pacific Northwest. Here, I delved deep into self-awareness and healing through a Christian 12-Step Program in Washington. It was during  this time that I tied the knot with Shannon, and together, we ventured as missionaries for a year to the inner city of Atlanta. Our faith compass, always seeking diverse experiences, also led us to various congregations from Black Baptist to Liberal Episcopal traditions.

By 2012, Shannon and I found our spiritual home in The River Church Community. Over the years, I have passionately engaged in multiple facets of the community – from small group leadership roles catering to different demographics, to more specialized roles in Healing Path, Youth, and Children's ministries. My leadership stints have ranged from leading retreats to conducting book studies, and even delivering sermons. Every experience at The River, be it in discipleship or leadership, has been meaningful and life-giving.

What draws me most to The River is the genuine sense of community, where bonds are deep, mutual, and based on love and understanding. The church's nuanced stance, particularly in empowering women in leadership roles, and its active engagement with the ever-evolving societal norms of the Bay Area, resonate deeply with me. At The River, I've found a nurturing environment that allows both growth as a servant leader and the gift of mentorship.

As I look to the future of The River, my hopes align with its own mission – to touch the lives in Silicon Valley with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. I aspire to witness every member of our church community being deeply influenced by the profound teachings of Jesus, while continually renewing their spirits. Drawing inspiration from the “Ship of Theseus” metaphor, even as elements of our beloved River Church Community change over time, I am passionate about working towards ensuring an enduring identity.

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