Compassion and Justice Ministry Fellow

Kris Smiley

Kris Smiley joined our staff team as our Compassion and Justice Ministry Fellow in October 2022. As a ministry fellow, he will assist in relational discipleship and programming for both the Compassion & Justice and Young Adult ministries.

Kris began attending The River in 2018 when he was invited to come hear a sermon being given by another young adult member of The River and basically didn't stop coming back! He says, "I have been nourished, encouraged and impressed by the faith and character of the peers and staff involved in Young Adult ministries. Their creativity and friendship sort of led me to joining."

"I am passionate about seeing people experience God's presence that looks like the unfolding of peace, beauty, dignity, freedom, joy and flourishing in their lives and community. That means addressing and confronting injustice and patterns of brokenness in society, inter-personal relationships and one's own life through persistent, creative, acts of grace that empower, comfort and awaken."

Kris likes deep conversations, talking about weird subjects, spiritual exercises, karaoke, and the laughter of his friends. He's always reading several books and is a little obsessed with words. He boxes for exercise, really likes Hawaiian floral prints and he wishes he could eat a Turkish döner every day, forever.

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